Green Lotus Travel provides local transportation services in all tourist destinations of Vietnam via contracted tourist vehicle companies. Depending on the type of trip and how many people in a tour group, then our transportation varies enorrmously. Our vehicle fleet can accommodate tour groups of all sizes, and meets the following quality standards: Safety - Comfort - Cleanliness.

Tourist vehicles arrangement

Below are our general guidelines for transportation usage:

  • For group size 1 to 2 people, we use 7 seat private car 


  • For group size 3 to 7 people, we use 16 seat private shuttle bus

  • For group size 8 to 12 people, we use 29 seat private shuttle bus

  • For group size 13 to 20 people, we use 35 seat private bus

  • For group size 21 to 30 people, we use 45 seat private bus

All vehicles mentioned above are in good condition with aircon.