By Train

Overnight trains to Sapa is the most convenient mode of transport for tourists to Sapa. There are about 20 travel companies offering train service from Hanoi to Lao Cai. Tourist trains are in fact different compartments pulled by the same engine, they are owned, maintained and operated by travel companies. Tourist trains are cleaner with wooden-paneled interior. Most cabins have 2 or 4 soft berths. Foreign travelers are recommended on this class as there is more space in the cabin, the state owned cabins offer 6 berth cabins, usually for small sized Vietnamese. If you want to have some privacy with a bit of comfort you can book the whole cabin 4 berths or a VIP cabin 2 berths.

We offer train tickets to Sapa of many providers, all information about timetable, accommodation and tours to Sapa at affordable cost. Please contact us at anytime for more details.

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King Express Train

Departure date: Everyday
Price: $22.00